Precepts for Daily Living

Five spiritual precepts have been handed down from Mikao Usui as a part of the oral tradition of the Usui System.  Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger. Honor your parents, teachers and elders. Earn your living honestly. Show gratitude to every living thing.

Thank you Dr. Usui and all past and present Reiki Masters.

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I’m a concocting fool!

photo 1-5

I have been spending entirely too much time in my kitchen these days…

photo 1-4

I’m on a quest to create the best sugar/grain free organic protein bar, muffin, somethin’!

I wouldn’t call this first attempt a complete failure.  The overall  taste is yummy, however the consistency, eh… well… needs improvement. :-(

Stay tuned for my new concoctions page loaded with delicious clean recipes!

Salute, from my little kitchen to yours.




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Happy New Year, with Love!


Ahhh, it’s that time of year when the the popular school of thought says that we must make RESOLUTIONS!

Well, personally I make resolutions daily so when January 1 rolls around it just feels like another day!  Each day brings new obstacles and opportunities and all we can do is do our best in each moment.  With that being said, I am not a person who accomplishes much without a focused pan.  I swear, figuring out the plan is half the battle!

Well, that’s where I come in?  :-D  I’ll formulate the plan all all you have to do is show up for yourself.

Email me at for your complimentary consultation.

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Autumn Training and Nutrition

For Autumn Training and Nutrition packages, contact Talia at now!

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Trainer of the Bride

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Spring Time Training

Alright, the winter is winding down (i’m an eternal optimist :)) and spring is almost here! Before you know it we’ll all be back to the Chicago we know and love, the green trees, the warm breeze and dare I say a clear blue sky every once in a while! But you know what won’t change? Our crazy busy schedules. And the nice weather usually puts more dates on our calendar than the winter months which means that if we are thinking that tomorrow will be the perfect time to start taking care of ourselves we are sorely mistaken. The time is upon us, as it will always be, and there is no time like right now to start your training regimen to make sure that when the madness of summer night time functions and weekend weddings arrives you will be able to take it all in stride. Not to mention, you’ll look and feel great!! We’ve got to Move to Live so we can Be in each and every moment. Be you.

Contact us to start today!


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Half-Marathon Training

15 Weeks has begun!

Classes started and enrollment filled in early February, for more training packages and programs please check back or email

Don’t run the May 15th Chicago Spring Half-Marathon alone; prepare with Rappatone Boutique Training! Allow this 15-week training package of individualized attention from a personal trainer and nutrition specialist to guide you through reaching your goals.

What does the 15-week Package include?
• One dynamic stretching and conditioning small group class every week
• One group run every week (not on the same day as the class)
• One pre-race nutrition seminar: Find out what to eat, drink and avoid, ask questions and get answers, expect an invaluable peace of mind

What do I get?
• Individualized running schedule tailored just for you
• Tons of attention from your favorite trainer ;)
• Increased endurance and strength – physically, mentally, emotionally
• Personal achievement on your own merits – the best gift to yourself you can give

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You’ve taken the first step and so have we, let’s move forward together! is still a young pup and just finding its online legs :)

But for Fitness, Health and Lifestyle, Talia Rappatone already knows the secrets. And if you tell her your goals, she’ll help you reach and exceed them. No goals? She’ll help you find them, give you the focus and encouragement to stick with it, give you smiles and laughs and she’ll do a victory dance with you at every barrier you break!

Contact Rappatone Personal Training right now and see what the good life’s all about!

Move. Live. Be. the best version of You.

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