Half-Marathon Training

15 Weeks has begun!

Classes started and enrollment filled in early February, for more training packages and programs please check back or email Talia@Rappatone.com.

Don’t run the May 15th Chicago Spring Half-Marathon alone; prepare with Rappatone Boutique Training! Allow this 15-week training package of individualized attention from a personal trainer and nutrition specialist to guide you through reaching your goals.

What does the 15-week Package include?
• One dynamic stretching and conditioning small group class every week
• One group run every week (not on the same day as the class)
• One pre-race nutrition seminar: Find out what to eat, drink and avoid, ask questions and get answers, expect an invaluable peace of mind

What do I get?
• Individualized running schedule tailored just for you
• Tons of attention from your favorite trainer ;)
• Increased endurance and strength – physically, mentally, emotionally
• Personal achievement on your own merits – the best gift to yourself you can give

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